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Kria Aerial Arts offers youth aerial silks courses for ages 10-16. Aerial Silks is an incredible art form that allows students to build strength, coordination, and confidence in themselves. Each class meets twice a week and has two instructors so students can be separated into groups to support different skill levels. All students should begin in Beginner Silks on Mondays and Wednesdays. Once a student has learned a certain set of skills and expresses interest in performing they will be invited to join the performance group. 

If you have specific questions please email us at

Courses Offered

Youth Summer Course with Lauren Charnow and Harpa Ingadóttir

Kría Aerial Arts is back with a new summer course for 2024! 

All children between the ages of 10 and 16 are invited to join this 15-hours-long intensive course, where they will have the opportunity to learn and explore the art of aerial silks in a safe and supportive environment. Our experienced instructors will guide them through various techniques, building strength, flexibility and confidence along the way.


No previous experience is required. Students will be guided by Head Coach Lauren Charnow and silks instructor Harpa Ingadóttir. 

This class will be held at the Hringleikur Gym at Sævarhöfði 31.


Dates: July 1st-5th or July 8th-12th

Time: 12:30-15:30

Price: 39.500 isk

Limited Spaces available

Youth Beginners Silks with Lauren Charnow and Anna Guðnadóttir 

Kría Aerial Arts offers youth classes for beginners.

This course is for children aged 9 to 12 years old who are looking for a fun way to build coordination, strength, and confidence. Students will learn to wrap the fabric around them to achieve different poses and build strength as they learn different climbs. Learn how to fly with our instructors Lauren and Anna!

 That this class is held at Fylkir Fimleikadeild in Helluvað, 110 Reykjavík. Note that if you are interested in trying aerial silks as a parent, our Adult Intro to Silks class is held in the same space at the same time!

30-hour course. The new session begins in August 2024

Mondays and Wednesdays19:00-20:00

Price: 77,000kr (2567 per class) -- Available through Frístundakort. 

Limited Spaces available

Youth/Teen Silks with Lauren Charnow and Anna Guðnadóttir 

Kría Aerial Arts býður nú upp á námskeið fyrir unglinga. Unglingum á aldrinum 10-16 ára er boðið að taka þátt í Youth Silks. Loftsilki er skemmtileg leið til að byggja upp samhæfingu, styrk og sjálfstraust. Nemendur munu læra að vefja efnið utan um sig til að ná mismunandi stellingum og byggja upp styrk þegar þeir læra mismunandi klifur.  Lærðu hvernig á að fljúga með Lauren kennara. Þessi bekkur hittist tvisvar í viku í 15 vikur með áherslu á að læra ný brellur. 

Þetta námskeið er haldið á íþróttahúsið Hringleikur að Sævarhöfða 31

30 tíma námskeið, nýja lotan hefst 28. ágúst 2023

þriðjudag og fimmtudag 16:30-17:30

Verð: 77.000kr

Takmarkað pláss í boði

Youth Silks Performance Team with Lauren Charnow and Eyrun Ævarsdóttir

The Youth Silks Performance team will focus on advancing skills, learning complex tricks, and developing performance abilities. Under experienced instructors, students will master challenging moves and sequences. This group is by invitation only. To be eligible for the team, students must have completed at least one session of aerial silks training.

This class is held at the Hringleikur Gym at Sævarhöfði 31

30-hour course. The new session begins January 8th, 2024

Monday and Wednesday 16:15-17:30

Price: 77,000kr (2567kr per class) -- Available through Frístundakort. 

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Youth Silks Trial Class   
Try a class for 3500kr and see if it is a good fit for your child. Register for a one-time trial class below.
*Please note Trial classes cannot be paid with Leisure Cards. New trail classes will start in September.

Youth Registration Form

Thank you for registering. You will receive an email with more information shortly. 

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Youth Classes take place at Sirkushúsnæði Hringleiks
Sævarhöfði 31, 110 Reykjavík Iceland

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